Our Story

From Creating PPE for a Covid Hospital in Africa to Organizing Your Kitchen - What a Journey it has been!

At the start of the pandemic, I printed up some basic masks for our family and friends on my 3D printer since you couldn't buy any in the stores yet (remember that?!?).

I built a couple more 3D printers so that we could support a hospital in Africa with PPE: facemasks, face shields, etc. My home office went from organized to a total disaster zone! But, we got it done.

In the process of cleaning everything up, I realized I needed a drawer organizer for all my tools so I designed one. And (being the good husband that I am), I proudly called in my wonder wife, Beverly, to show her.

And that's when the magic happened. She took one look and said, "That's great, honey! You should make one for the kitchen."

Oh. Snap.

I did and things just snowballed from there. First, I made a silverware drawer organizer and saved so much space that I had room for a K-cup holder. Next came the spice drawer and, well....you get the point. I can't say my house is perfectly organized -- far from it -- but it's tidier than it used to be and getting better all the time.

I started making organizers for friends and finally decided to put them up on Etsy to see what would happen and thanks to that AWESOME community, I've had to upgrade to Shopify. Thank you for all your support!